A typical day out

What to expect on your ride

Introducing your guide

When I passed my bike test in 1976 Showaddywaddy were in the charts and the world’s fastest production bike was the mighty Laverda Jota. Within a week of getting my full licence I’d sold my Kawasaki 250 Samurai and bought a Suzuki T500 Cobra. A few years years later I bought a Laverda. It was a good time to be riding bikes.

Being from the North West of England I cut my trail riding teeth along the tracks and green lanes of Derbyshire, Lancashire and Cheshire. During 40 plus years of riding I’ve raced at circuits throughout the UK, ridden club trials and competed to gold medal standard in long distance off road events. A long time ago I even did a beach race. Once was enough.

For a number of years I rode in UK hill climbs and sprints and also raced internationally as part of a successful endurance racing team. I retired from competitive events in 2011 due to injury.

Not too long ago I moonlighted as a freelance writer and road tester for the motorcycle press and am fortunate to have ridden and raced a wide variety of exotic bikes gaining some valuable experience along the way. I still love riding bikes and hopefully can pass some of this experience and knowledge onto AdventureRide customers. There are hundreds of miles of fantastic trails in this region and, unlike other areas of the UK, they aren’t overcrowded or over used. Hopefully AdventureRide will give me the opportunity to share this fantastic riding area with you.

Routes to match your experience

Each day’s route is tailored to the relevant experience of the riders and one of the main advantages of riding in South Shropshire is the large amount of suitable routes for beginners. Inexperienced riders can be assured that they won’t asked to do anything beyond their ability and none of the routes we do could be classed as extreme or ‘white knuckle’ – at AdventureRide the focus is always to have a great day out on a bike, we don’t want anybody to be intimidated or put off by the experience.


Riders assemble around 9.15am and after a short rider briefing we’re on our way to the first trails. The duration of a full day ride is usually around five hours although this can vary depending on the weather. During the ride we usually have a lunch stop between 1pm and 2pm and we am to be back at base sometime between 3pm and 4pm. I usually carry a camera with me and will take some shots during the day so you can a record of your ride. If you want to bring your own camera or Go-Pro type recorder I’ll let you know in advance the best place for photo opportunities.

Enjoy yourself

The main objective is to have a safe enjoyable day and hopefully you’ll want to come back and have another go, 70% of AdventureRide bookings come from returning customers and that’s the best endorsement any business can have.

Stunning scenery

A typical day’s ride will include a mix of quiet forest trails, some wide open upland tracks with stunning vistas across the Welsh Marches and numerous ancient routes established centuries ago by Welsh drovers driving their cattle to the english markets. We’ll pass iron age hill forts and dwellings which are listed in the Doomsday Book of 1086, if we’re lucky we’ll catch a glimpse of wild deer and some of the other wildlife species found in the Marches. It’s all too beautiful…

Enjoyable. Affordable.

"70% of my business is from repeat bookings with some customers visiting 2 or 3 times a year, that's the best endorsement any business could ask for."

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