Ladies Welcome

Suitable for women of all ages and ability

Newer riders or experts

AdventureRide days are becoming increasingly popular with female riders looking to broaden their riding experience. Don’t be put off if you’re new to bikes or feel you might lack confidence, I’m used to coaching inexperienced riders and I’ll do my best to make sure you’re at ease and enjoying the day.

Ride at your pace

You won’t be asked to tackle anything you’re unsure of and my objective is always to make sure riders have a great day and get home safely. Trail riding is a fantastic, non-competitive way to improve handling skills and enjoy some great scenery whilst you’re doing it.

Low, lightweight bikes

The 250cc bikes we use on the hire fleet have a low seat height (significantly lower than a typical modern dirt bike) and are very light, much lighter than a road bike. The soft power delivery and low weight makes them perfect for getting used to riding off road.

Enjoyable. Affordable.

"70% of my business is from repeat bookings with some customers visiting 2 or 3 times a year, that's the best endorsement any business could ask for."

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