Our Bikes

We use the legendary 250cc Gas Gas Pampera trail bikes

Why Gas Gas Pamperas?

“The Gas Gas Pampera 250 MK III is one of the great trail¬†motorcycles of modern times…” MCN

Our hire bikes at AdventureRide are the now legendary 250cc Gas Gas Pamperas cited by journalists and riders alike as one of the best trail bikes ever to have been produced. Having used Pamperas on numerous occasions to compete in long distance trials I had no hesitation in choosing the Pampera MK3 for the AdventureRide hirefleet. The combination of low seat height, a superbly tractable engine, very low weight and nimble handling makes them an ideal choice for trail riding in this area. The low weight and gentle power delivery makes them particularly suitable for novice riders and with this in mind the bikes are fitted with trials tyres which feel very secure and safe on tarmac as well as performing well off road.

Enjoyable. Affordable.

"70% of my business is from repeat bookings with some customers visiting 2 or 3 times a year, that's the best endorsement any business could ask for."

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