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Option 1

One day’s guided trail ride including the use of 250cc Gas Gas trail bike and loan of boots, helmet and jacket if required.

£185 per rider, maximum of three riders.

Please note for a single rider booking there is a £40 surcharge. If you book as a single rider you will have an one-on-one day and won’t be paired with other riders.

Prices exclude fuel.
To book your ride please contact

Option 2

One day’s guided trail riding using your own bike.

Single rider booking: £190
Two riders: £95 each
Three riders: £65 each
Four riders: £50 each

Please note, rider numbers are usually limited to four riders plus myself. Please email to discuss if you want to book a larger group.

To book your ride please contact

Option 3

Taster Session

A 3 hour taster session is offered for £135. This is aimed at inexperienced trail riders who want to have a go at trail riding but don’t feel confident about booking a full day out. The taster session includes some informal basic trail riding instruction and a trip out to ride some relatively easy local lanes. The cost includes the use of a Gas Gas 250cc trail bike and protective riding equipment. Taster sessions are subject to a minimum of two riders booking. If you prefer to book a solo session there is a surcharge of £40.

To reserve a taster session please contact

Trail Riding Foundation Course

A one-day combined workshop and trail riding riding experience. This is the only course of its type currently offered in the UK. During the morning session you’ll learn how to carry out basic repairs and maintenance (including hands-on tyre changing and puncture repairs) and how to plan a route. In the afternoon you’ll put theory into practice and go out and ride the route you’ve planned. If you’re serious about taking up trail riding for a hobby this course will give you the best possible start.

£200 per rider, minimum two riders booking. If you prefer to book a solo experience there is a £50 surcharge for a one-on-one day.

To reserve your combined workshop and riding session please contact

Important Information

Please note that our insurance only covers riders over 25 who hold a full UK license. Under certain circumstances I’m happy to accommodate younger riders so if you’re under 25 with a full license and want to book a day out please contact me to discuss

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